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Salt Lake City U Cart Concrete Rental If you are doing renovations and need to laydown new concrete, we offer pre-mixed (FLY ASH) concrete. We also rent new and used CMK-175 mixing trailers. Salt Lake City U cart concrete rental units are available when and where you need it. They are convenient, reliable, affordable and they will save you time and money. Not to mention, you can save your back by having a u-cart concrete trailer instead of carrying and mixing sacked concrete manually.

Our U cart concrete trailers are inspected and maintained by mechanic to ensure safety and maximal functionality. The industry standard U cart concrete rentals are of commercial quality with heavy-duty motors that rotate the drum to keep the concrete well mixed. Have questions about your project? Call us and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you with job application know-how.

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Salt Lake City U Cart Concrete Rental

Get 1 3/4 cubic yards of pre-mixed concrete at a time. For smaller jobs, this is better than the full-size ready-mix (or transit-mix) trucks which deliver 10 cubic yards at a time. Our U cart concrete trailer is mobile and great for jobs in remote locations and for reoccurring jobs such as sidewalk repair.

Salt Lake City U Cart Concrete Rental

The CMK-175 Mix King:

  • 13HP Honda Motor
  • ‌Hydraulic rotation and tilt
  • ‌Mixes while traveling
  • ‌Simple to use rear operator control panel
  • Large internal mixing blades for an efficient mix


See our pricing list for our Salt Lake City U Cart Concrete rentals. All of our concrete trailers are of commercial quality and they are well maintained. Our prices are competitive and one of the best in the U Cart Concrete industry. U Cart Concrete rentals saves money nd time, two very important aspects of any construction/renovation project.